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Lahad Datu is basically a planters' town, surrounded by miles of cocoa and oil palm plantations. It is also the gateway to the virgin rainforest of the renowned Danum Valley Conservation Area, The Tabin Wildlife Reserve in the east and Madai Caves further south. A settlement is said to have existed here as early as the 15th century as excavations have unearthed potteries confirming contact with the imperial dynasties of China. Just east of Lahad Datu, lies the village of Tunku, which achieved notoriety as the base of Illanum pirates and slave traders in the 19th century. In August 2000, Eco-Challenge Sabah 2000, the world's toughest adventure race, covered areas like Silam, Danum Valley and Madai. Hundreds of international media and professional support teams from all over the world converged at Lahad Datu, the gateway to pristine rainforests wonders that has wowed many a celebrity and royalty. One may drive to Lahad Datu, it's a leisurely 6-hour drive or take a 40-minute flight from Kota Kinabalu. From Sandakan, it takes about 2 1/2 hours by road.  You can find more Sabah Travelling information on:Useful Links on Sabah Borneo and Sabah Hotels Listing .

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