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Useful Links
Danum Valley
- Official site of Danum Valley  
- Info about Danum Valley  
- Birds Photo gallery of Danum Valley field centre  
- Uncle Tan's Wilderness Camp and Danum Valley Field 
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- Gallery :: Sabah, Borneo
- Steve's Web Site -- Site Map
Maliau Basin
- Official site of Maliau Basin 
- How was the Maliau Basin formed?
- Murray Kaufman Photography
Tabin wildlife Reserve
- Official website of Tabin wildlife reserve
- Tabin wildlife 's Info - KLIA Site
- Caving expedition - Tabin
Sukau Wildlife
- Sukau Rainforest Lodge - Malaysian Borneo
Tawau Hill Parks
- Tawau Hill Parks by Cikgu Lee
Sipadan Island
- Sipadan dive resort  
- Sipadan-Mabul resort  
- Article about Sipadan island - by David Lim
- Info about Sipadan Island
- Sipadan-kapalai resort
- Sipadan Water Village Resort
- Terrestial Life Forms of Sipadan Island
Mataking Island
- The Reef Dive Resort
Sipilok Oran Utan Sactuary
- Sepilok Nature Resort, Borneo, Malaysia, near the Orangutan Wildlife ...
Sepilok Jungle Resort Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
How to Explore Sabah Borneo

Wildlife & Rainforest of Sabah Borneo.

As I have already mentioned, most of the Sabah Borneo Wildlife paradises are located closer to Tawau than any other towns. You will find it more convenient to travel to these places especially if you are backpacker. There are few places that you should not miss, they are Tawau Hill National Park, Maliau Basin, Danum Valley and Tabin Wildlife.

Tawau Hill National Park is located in Tawau region, you can jungle tracking the oldest virgin forest in the world, visit its 7 hot spring spots and a waterfall.

Maliau Basin is also called "the Lost world of Sabah", located in Tawau region, it is one of the few remaining areas virtually untouched by man - not just in Sabah and Malaysia, but in the whole World!,

The Danum Valley Conservation Area is one of the last remaining preserves of primary lowland rainforest in Asia. Within its 438 square kilometers the rich diversity of animal and plant life display the complex interaction of a natural, dynamic ecosystem found only in rainforests.

The Tabin Wildlife Reserve occupies a large part of the peninsula forming the northern arm of Darvel Bay. Large mammals such as the endangered rhinoceros, elephants and wild oxs still roam about freely here. Tabin has several intriguing mud volcanoes that provide mineral salts for the wild animals.

Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary is made up of much of the Lower Kinabatangan River. The river is 560km. long, it is the Sabah’s longest and Malaysia’s second longest river. It is also in this river fresh water sharks are found. The gazetted area is estimated to have the largest concentration of wildlife in all of Malaysia. In fact, all 8 species of hornbills found in Borneo - the rhinoceros, helmeted, black, pied, wreathed, wrinkled, white-crowned and bushy crested hornbills, have been spotted here. The region is also renowned for colourful tropical birds, crocodiles, huge monitor lizards, wild pigs, otters and several species of monkeys and tree snakes. It is a haven to the rare proboscis monkey, orang utan, the oriental darker, king-fishers and many more.

For Danum Valley, Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary  & Tabin Wildlife, you can either depart from Lahad Datu or Sandakan Town. If you are entering Sabah through Tawau, you will have to either take a bus or cab to Lahad Datu. The resort operator usually will arrange tranportation to fetch you up. please confirm your reservation always before you travel.

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By Ian Chow

    I have bought this book from Amazon.com, and I have found it quite useful for travelers, especially for backpackers.  The price of the book is reasonable with quality content. I think you should also get one for your easy reference, if you ’re planning to explore Sabah borneo.   

By Ian Chow

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