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Maliau Basin
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Tabin wildlife Reserve
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Sukau Wildlife
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Sipadan Island
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Mataking Island
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Sipilok Oran Utan Sactuary
- Sepilok Nature Resort, Borneo, Malaysia, near the Orangutan Wildlife ...
Sepilok Jungle Resort Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
How to Explore Sabah Borneo

How to Explore Tawau and her neighbouring attractions. (1)

   Tawau is located at the northern tip of Sabah Borneo, a very remote town in Malaysia. She is also the gateway to the world class diving paradise Sipadan Island and many nearby island resort. Through Tawau you will gain access to a few oldest virgin forest in the world,i.e. Danum Valley, Tabin Wildlife, Maliau Basin, Tawau Hill Park. Tawau district comprise of Tawau, Lahad Datu, Kunak, and Semporna town. 
Upon Arriving 
Just take a bus(RM5.00) or airport taxi(RM15.00) from the airport. If you wish to by pass Tawau to some other towns you can rent a car at the airport, and depart from there. However, I am recommending you to stay a night in Tawau to enjoy the tranquility and the splendid and very cheap sea food, if you are not in a very tight schedule. Tawau is also a right place with more options to shop and replenish your foods and necessity, as compare to other smaller town within Tawau district, before you depart to your next destination. 
While in Tawau.  
Try to look for Hotels in the Fajar Area so that you can find your meals and nightlife within your walking distance. Check up Tawau street map to find out your hotel option. Seafood in Tawau is extremely cheap, you must try seafood prepare in Chinese cooking style at the food stalls by the sea side(sabindo area). You will not regret. There are few super markets in the town center, get what ever stuffs you need there. 
If you planning to quick visit Tawau Hill Park. One among the many national park in Sabah, I will not recommend you unless you plan to stay over night, as there is nothing too special at the entrance. you will need to jungle trekking into the forest to see the real beauty of this place. just take a cab, and it will take less than 30 minutes to get there. Entering this place you are actually walking into the oldest virgin forest in the world. You will arriving the 1st out of the seven Hot springs in this park after more than one hour jungle walk. You will see the rest if you continue further in. If you are lucky enough you might see some small animals in the jungle. I cant find any website related to this place to show you the beauty of this place. Chalet booking is necessary before you go. 
From Tawau, you can also gain your access to Maliau Basin- the lost world of Borneo. However, again, we will not recommend unless you are well prepared, both mentally and physically to take up this challenge. This is one of the few remaining areas virtually untouched by man - not just in Sabah and Malaysia, but in the whole World!. Find out booking and more information of this place from Official site of Maliau Basin. 

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By Ian Chow

    I have bought this book from Amazon.com, and I have found it quite useful for travelers, especially for backpackers.  The price of the book is reasonable with quality content. I think you should also get one for your easy reference, if you ’re planning to explore Sabah borneo.   

By Ian Chow

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